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Everybody else likes Italian food. If you are Italian dish fans, you will be familiar with Olive Garden restaurant. Olive Garden can be actually a restaurant using Italian concept. Olive Garden grows fast. It has a number of chains, therefore it turns into the most significant Italian restaurant in the usa. As it delivers the dining experience for the clients its own business can expand quickly. Individuals have in enjoying Olive Garden menu some choices. For instance, they can dine in the restaurant. In any case, Olive Garden Catering menu can be ordered by them .

Maybe not merely offering welcoming dining air, but menu is also served by Olive Garden. Various food can be chosen by folks. Since the food was made by Olive Garden folks will soon be glad to love it. Anyway, Olive Garden innovates the menu. This restaurant regularly offers the dish for those consumers. If you’re the fans of Italian food, then you must try Olive Garden Catering menu. You will be joyful tasting the taste that is new. It offers delicious Italian appetizer, main course, desserts, wine, etc.. Olive Garden Catering can be tried by you when you can’t go to Olive Garden restaurant. Anyway, you can dictate Olive Garden to go to menu.


There are just two options of ordering Olive Garden catering menu. First, you can order online then pick up your meal at the Olive Garden restaurant. Anyway, you can try out an shipping arrangement. The delivery option may be the method to enjoy Italian food from Olive Garden. You don’t need to move anywhere. It is because you can order at home for the food is delivered by the staff wait. But, you have to spend atleast 100 to dictate the catering menu. Besides, if you order less than $500, then you’ve got to pay for 15% shipping charges. For the convenient, in the event that you would like to order the large menu, you need to provide 24 hours notice. Then, you will pay your Olive Garden menu online. Then, you just have to wait for the order.

Olive Garden Catering Menu could be the perfect choice for your event or party. You don’t need to cook the meal on your own. You need to telephone the regional Olive Garden Restaurant. Whatever the events that you would like to carry, Olive Garden can provide the menu for the moment. You may order Italian dish for kid , birthday party, wedding party, or a family gathering. Olive Garden can be prepared to provide the meal for your own meeting. You are able to order Olive Garden catering for internal meeting, a training session, or holiday event. The catering menu picks up or is available for delivery.

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What is Olive Garden Catering Menu

With the set of Olive Garden Catering, you can create your even more prized. It’s because Olive Garden will serve the combination of this meal that is catering. Olive Garden additionally ensures of catering menu, the taste is going to soon be exactly the exact same as everything you preference in your own restaurant. They pack the platters and also the party fittings fresh. So, you still can benefit from the freshness of their food the moment it is served by you at your event. Then, gathering event or your party will run happily.

Olive Garden gives you catering combination. The customers won’t get bored with the menu. They can choose various menu when they arrange for the work lunch. This is a few of Olive Garden Catering Menu.

  • Lasagna Combination. This package consists of a single tray of Lasagna Classico, Creamy Fettuccine or Cheese Ziti al Forno.
  • Chicken Marsala Combination. Within this package, you can enjoy Chicken Marsala Platter. Besides, you also can get Classic Spaghetti.
  • Pasta channel. You may select three types of pasta, three kinds of sauce, and toppings.

You’ll find the bonus menu, if you order the platter set. For instance, you can purchase dessert Olive Garden house salad, and breadstick. Therefore, why don’t you try to order Olive Garden Catering Menu for another event? The size of your event, Olive Garden may give the most acceptable menu. It is indeed since Olive Garden menu accommodates. Your teamwork will be happy appreciating the menu. On top of that, you do not need to take into consideration the meal setup. It’s because Olive Garden staffs will take care of it. For the huge event, you have to order 24 hours ahead of time. Afterward, Olive Garden is likely to ensure that your event successful.

The List of Olive Garden Menu Price

Famous for its menu attempts to increase their dish. Therefore, food choices can be served by this restaurant because of its loyal customers. As an example, you can choose the selection of menu for dinner, lunch , and catering. You also can enjoy other and wine liquor like cocktail and beer. What’s more, Olive Garden adopts the menu that is exceptional. For instance, you can dictate the taste of Mediterranean food and Gluten Free menu. The Gluten free food is acceptable. So, they are able to enjoy soups and sandwiches from Olive Garden.

Olive Garden menu is broken up into groups. Subsequently, for your comprehensive collection of menu, you may go to www.olivegarden.com. Given below are some of the Olive Garden Menu Price.

  • Menu for Lunch. Olive Garden serves dish for your dinner. As an example, you may order the appetizer, poultry, pasta, and dessert. Here’s that the Olive Garden Dinner Menu pricelist.
  1. Crispy Chicken Ravioli Supreme $10.79
  2. Grilled Chicken Piadina $10.49
  3. Calamari $12.29
  4. Fried Mozzarella $8.49
  5. Famous House Salad $8.49
  6. Chicken & Gnocchi $7.49
  7. Zuppa Toscana $7.49
  8. Tour of Italy $23.49
  9. Fettucine Alfredo $16.99
  10. Lasagna Classico $18.99
  11. Five Cheese Ziti al Forno $12.99
  12. Chicken Carbonara $23.79
  13. Chicken Marsala $20.99
  14. Shrimp Carbonara $24.79
  15. Shrimp Scampi $20.79
  16. Lobster Ravioli $25.99
  17. Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo $22.49
  18. Tuscan Sirloin $25.49
  19. Tiramisu $8.79
  20. Warm Apple Crostata $8.79.
  • Menu for Pronto Lunch.

In reality, the listing of the menu for lunch and dinner is not different. But, you may make your menu combination. Anyway, you can produce your pasta bowl. Nonetheless, you cannot order steak. All dinner menu begins from $6.99. You can dictate Mediterranean menu if you want an alternative taste of lunch. As an example, you may test Chicken Margherita for $15.29. Anyway, Olive Garden Lunch menu additionally provides conventional dish such as Eggplant Parmigiana $16.99, Cheese Ravioli $16.79, or Shrimp Alfredo $22.29.

  • Menu for Catering.

It’s suggested to purchase dinner combination. Here’s the set for catering menu selling price.

  1. Chicken Parmigiana Combination $175. This menu could serve 8 -14 persons.
  2. Lasagna Combination $185.50. 8 – 14 people can be served by it.
  3. Chicken Marsala Combination $192.50.
  4. Family Style Lasagna Bundle $70.00.
  5. Breadstick Sandwich and Jumbo Famous House Salad Combination $94.99.
  6. Bread stick Sandwiches for 1 packs $84.99.
  • Menu for Kids.

Olive Garden functions several menus unique to your own children. The menus are drinks, pasta, and desserts. Here’s the Olive Garden Kids menu Pricelist.

  1. Range of Pasta with Tomato Sauce $6.19
  2. Pasta with Meat Sauce $6.19.
  3. Pasta with five cheese marinara $6.49.
  4. Children Pizza $6.49.
  5. Macaroni and Cheese $6.49.
  6. Chicken Fingers $6.49.
  7. Strawberry Banana Smoothy $2.79.
  8. Peach Mango Smoothy $2.79.
  9. Doloini or mini dessert $3.49.
  10. Sundae $1.99.

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Steps Toorder Olive Garden Catering Menu on the Web

The Olive Garden invites you to arrange the catering menu via internet. It’s by far the handiest method to order meal. In actuality with a couple steps, it is possible to complete the ordering procedure. Here are the steps of purchasing Olive Garden Catering.

  • See Olive Garden Restaurant’s website.

First, you must load www.olivegarden.com on your browser. From this site, you’ll figure out the total collection of all price list and Olive Garden menu. You subscribe for e-club, can order on the web, and research career opportunity.

  • Select Order online.

The Olive Garden web site has some choices in its menu bar. You can choose Order Online, whenever you wish to order catering menu. You must pick the way. Your order type can be selected by you. For instance, you may choose To Go Purchase or Delivery Order.

  • Choose the Positioning and Pick Uptime.

Following that, you need to select the Olive Garden restaurant speech. After that, you can click on time and the date when you wish to pick the purchase up. If you would like to order delivery support anyway, you certainly can certainly do exactly the exact steps.

  • Choose the menu.

Then, you have to decide on the dinner combination. Click on the Order button. Next, you should examine your purchase. The final, you’re able to earn a payment. Whenever you want to get the dinner in the restaurant, then the bill can be paid by you at the place. Should you order a lot more than 350, you need to call the Olive Garden customerservice nearby.